SecuPlus - de plus in beveiliging SecuPlus - the Plus in Security SecuPlus - das Plus an Sicherheit SecuPlus - le Plus en Sécurité SecuPlus - el plus en seguridad
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SecuPlus - synonym for millions of computers worldwide, protected against theft every day...
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For nearly 30 years, SecuPlus has been a natural choice for all those looking for a reliable security system for their computers and peripherals.

SecuPlus products are designed and manufactured by the company itself in the Netherlands. This is one of the reasons why SecuPlus products meet the absolute highest possible safety requirements.

Only SecuPlus offers you a product range this complete, which can also be adapted to your specific needs if necessary.

That's the plus from SecuPlus!
Masterkey system
We have the answer to your questions. We know what you need and we deliver from stock!
Masterkey system Masterkey system
Masterkey system
Computer security at school
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For safe computer use on the road, these SecuPlus solutions are indispensable.
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The question is not who works without it, the question is whether you can do without... The answer is SecuPlus!
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